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GRAS HOPE Applications

by MakeUsWell


Want people back at the office? Or your co-working space?

Get to know the feelings, politics, race, and fears behind their needs and behaviour towards vaccinations. Talk vaccinations to them in a simple, straightforward, and informal way with MakeUsWell's help.

For example, Joe may ask, “Is it true that if I get vaccinated my immunity lasts forever?”

GRAS HOPE Products

by MakeUsWell

MakeUsWell has developed a suite of software and analytics driven products for the COVID-19 vaccination market. The products were developed with:

  1. Data from ~100+ sources of a wide variety
  2. Millions of data points
  3. Structured and Unstructured data
  4. Surveys and conversations with customers over web, sms, email, phone, and in-person channels
  5. In the right time period, ~ December 14, 2020, the start of US vaccinations to ~ April, 2021 and ongoing

These products fit within a GRAS framework.