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My Citizen Engagement in COVID-19 Research

by Douglas B Quine

In March 2020 when COVID-19 was a hot new topic, a COVID-19 Smartphone application was launched by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (where I was born) and King's College (London) to capture real-time data on possible COVID symptoms, infections, tests, and vaccinations. I enrolled a month later in early April 2020 and have been reporting my health status (almost) every day since.

How the CDC Failed Us

by MakeUsWell

First Principles

  1. ~90%+ of Americans don't trust government or public health officials with vaccination information, insights, and communications.
  2. Our local, state, and federal government (both parties) need to regain public trust. Good systems with accurate data and precise analytics are needed. Useful reports on vaccinations, risks, and side effects will drive this.

CDC's Acronym Pish Posh

CDC stands for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

GRAS and Race in 2021 America

by MakeUsWell


GRAS stands for Geography, Race, Autonomy, and Social.

MakeUsWell is saddened by the racial issues in 2021 America. The data reflects this. And the data and the story it supports are persistent, pronounced, and pervasive. This has an oversized impact in the GRAS segmentation and scoring.

We all want America to heal and renew as a multi-ethnic, and multi-racial society sans significant racial issues. But wishful thinking or media platitudes won't get us there. The first step to heal is to understand the data. So MakeUsWell dug deeper.

Perspectives on GRAS HOPE

by MakeUsWell

~38% of Americans got 1 or 2 jabs. ~21% are "fully vaccinated"—wrong phrase. Both Pfizer and Moderna will launch boosters. Certain data show the vaccines' reduced effectiveness against specific new strains.

America yearns for her pre-pandemic days. But our old normal wasn't so good. COVID-19 uncovered and amplified societal economic, racial, and mental health problems. Identity politics and endless (re) elections, investigations, recalls, and impeachments cycles made the fire worse.