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David Joosten

by MakeUsWell

Who Is David Joosten?

Family man and entrepreneur David Joosten’s ability to measure probability and recognize trends started at a young age. While most students in high school are busy with the banality of adolescence, David found his passion for entrepreneurship early and started a business as a PowerSeller on Ebay. Clearing six figures selling video games and DVDs led to studying economics at Harvard. 

After graduation, he joined marketing at Google. There he learned how data-driven marketing worked at scale—making growth systematic—with a team that was eclectic and inspiring.

Frank Teng

by MakeUsWell

Who is Frank Teng?

After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology at Yale, Frank Teng studied UX design at Carnegie Mellon University. “My philosophy has always been to empower other people—I always wanted to look at opportunities where I can serve other people.” This interest in understanding how people work has led him to the Mayo Clinic. Frank is a UX designer for telehealth products, sharing the benefits of technology in health care.

Frank's Work

Frank’s focus is working in a practical platform eliminating barriers and focusing on empowering individuals with technology. “Essentially, I'm creating a more seamless, streamlined product experience for when a patient talks to a doctor.” In his role with the Mayo Clinic the focus is: ‘how do we make everything as easy for the patient as possible?’