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GRAS HOPE Applications

by MakeUsWell


Want people back at the office? Or your co-working space?

Get to know the feelings, politics, race, and fears behind their needs and behaviour towards vaccinations. Talk vaccinations to them in a simple, straightforward, and informal way with MakeUsWell's help.

For example, Joe may ask, “Is it true that if I get vaccinated my immunity lasts forever?”

Use our GRAS framework to email or display this answer online, "No, Joe. As with everything COVID-19, we don't have enough data over time. The best we can tell is that the vaccine provides a high degree—but not 100%—protection for at least 6 months. Moderna expects to have booster shots ready by the fall. And it's highly likely Pfizer will too.”

Beth said, “Why is the Johnson and Johnson vaccine being paused?" GRAS will answer, "The Johnson and Johnson vaccine isn't being paused. It's highly likely that J&J's vaccine won’t be in the market for a while. This is because of the bad side effects of blood clots, particularly for women under 50. Even if the J&J vaccine comes back to the market, people won't want it. Because their trust in this particular vaccine has been damaged."

Let your people make an informed choice! And build the trust with them that government and public health officials have lost.

MakeUsWell's GRAS HOPE software and augmented analytics can help.

  • Find out the segments in your email list based on how likely they're to take the vaccine in the next 14-60 days.
  • Craft the right messages with the right words to them.

Scoring Report

You may see a scoring report like this:

MakeUsWell's GRAS Score, 1=Hates Vaccines, 100= Loves Vaccines

My employee Vaccine Score Recommended Actions
Carole 96
  • Thank you email
  • $50 Amazon Gift Card
Arnold 98
  • Send PDF to ask friends
  • $50 Walmart Gift Card
Madonna 12
  • Send a neutral email. Listen and gently suggest facts to reconsider

How MakeUsWell Works

  • We start with an assessment phase.
  • You email or upload answers to our questions regarding your customer base. This will take you less than 5 minutes to do. You answer questions like:
  • How many email addresses do you have?
  • What data fields do you collect on customers?
  • We combine your answers with our rapidly changing external data—the Johnson and Johnson, April 15th suspension was a major event—and our GRAS HOPE framework was ready.
  • We send you a report with what segmentation and specific communications and incentives apply to YOUR case.
  • Then we make a recommendation if it makes sense to proceed past the assessment.