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Thrive Global Network Announcement

From Mike Critelli, MakeUsWell

Hi MakeUsWell Community,

First, I want to thank our Charter Sponsor, Lawrence Leisure, Managing Partner at Chicago Pacific Founders, and Senior Advisor at Kleiner Perkins. Larry continues to guide us strategically and help with his top-notch accumulated experience and knowledge of the craft.

We formed MakeUsWell with a mission and promise to you to highlight healthcare topics the pandemic revealed and amplified. One such key issue is employee well-being. Employers must help end the epidemic of stress and burnout.

Hence, we are pleased to announce that Thrive Global, the behavior change technology company founded by Arianna Huffington, has agreed to be a sponsor for the MakeUsWell Network. We are working closely with our champion, David Hoke, Thrive’s Chief Well-Being Officer. I know David from his leadership in delivering highly effective employee well-being programs at both Walmart and Yum Brands.

I am excited at the possibilities of our partnership.

Founder and CEO Arianna Huffington has focused Thrive’s product and customer strategy around science-driven and practical small changes called Microsteps. We will help Thrive improve their Microstep effectiveness, charting a path towards data-driven precision Microsteps.

As part of their sponsorship, Thrive senior leaders will do three, 30-minute interactive audio calls (with optional video). These calls are both educational opportunities and idea-generating sessions. Each call will have a limited number of participants, so please respond to this email, if you're interested.

The dialogs will be structured around employee well-being themes—but also have free-flowing conversations.

Please join me in welcoming Thrive Global and its executives to the MakeUsWell Network.