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by Doug Quine

Douglas Boynton Quine is a research scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and explorer. He has dozens of registered patents, many cited by major corporations.

Doug holds a PhD in Neurobiology and Behavior from Cornell University and a BA in Biology from Princeton University.

MakeUsWell edited Doug's writing for brevity and clarity.

Survey Results

by MakeUsWell

MakeUsWell asked our community,

What's the most important public health issue that the media and government officials are failing to address?

We agree with some of what you wrote. And disagree with other things. But—except for minor grammar or punctuation edits—we  didn't change anything material.

MakeUsWell believes in and practices no censorship in your community.

Here's what you wrote:


by Nancy May

Nancy May is the founder of CareManity and the author of How to Survive 911 Medical Emergencies.

The Social Gerontology and Health Lab at Yale School of Public Health called her book, “an incredibly useful resource for the caregiver community.”

Separate from the survey, Nancy shared this with us. (We edited for clarity and brevity.)

Many well-intentioned employer policies cause employees economic harm. And have negative health impacts.