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Survey Results

by MakeUsWell

MakeUsWell asked our community,

What's the most important public health issue that the media and government officials are failing to address?

We agree with some of what you wrote. And disagree with other things. But—except for minor grammar or punctuation edits—we  didn't change anything material.

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Here's what you wrote:

The media is trying to spread fear in the country and is doing a lousy job of providing contextual sophistication in connection with virus data. Most politicians are failing to employ a risk-based approach to addressing the virus

     —Dave Walker

COVID19 exposed the huge disparity that still exists among minority populations in access to healthcare, which also includes the way we die with minorities accessing hospice care on the average 20% less than whites.

     —Jim MacPherson

How and when the medical industry makes life decisions for families or gives up on the elderly and frail because of age alone.

     —Nancy May

The lack of access to primary care for the residents of underserved communities.

     —Gloria McNeal

Mental health.

     —Robert Nizielski

The Opioid Overdose Crisis.

     —Andrea Barthwell

How the Standard American diet is responsible for America’s worst performance in the world COVID-19 outcome statistics, by damaging the human immune system. And how glyphosate and atrazine damage the immune system by harming the microbiome.

     —Craig Shelton

Must focus on and differentiate protective antibodies which protect against disease,  vs. reactive antibodies which simply signal the body has responded to a previous infection. How long do protective antibodies last?

     —Douglas Quine

Some politicians and media have made mask-wearing a political act. Do people against mask wearing mandates go into surgery, see a masked surgeon, and say "You liberal jerk, take that mask off!"

Twisting the notion of individual freedoms endangers the public good.

     —Dave Ceolin

We fail to truthfully & accurately educate our doctors and our citizens on the relationship of what we consume and our overall health. Money & marketing (Shareholder value) seems to take precedence over accurate information.

     —Jim Dimond

Implications of Covid disease and economic impact on mental health.

     —David Dowling

Climate change and its evil twin—air pollution.

     —Philip Landrigan, MD

Trust. In the wake of the massive mismanagement by former President Trump's Administration. And because of the widespread misinformation on the internet, many Americans don’t know who or what to believe.

     —Greg Conderacci

Vaccine skeptics have the additional concern of not yet knowing the long-term protection effectiveness that a vaccine may provide. If vaccines only protect for 6 months, people will delay, thinking that Covid will be perpetually among the population, so why bother?

     —Steve Munini

Mental Health, we don't have a system to provide effective treatment for so many people who suffer from short term or long term mental illness.

     —Steve Akin

Our unchecked cultural belief in the fallacy of a hierarchy of human value.

     —Rick Brush

Health Disparities.

     —Brent Pawlecki, MD