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Getting the Narratives Right About Nursing Homes and Residential Housing

by MakeUsWell

The COVID Tracking Project at The Atlantic contains this summary statement:

Less than 1% of America’s population lives in long term care facilities, but, as of March 4, 2021, this tiny fraction of the country accounts for 34% of US COVID 19 deaths.

The authors of the COVID Tracking Project actually note that the correct percentage is higher:

CTP’s aggregated cumulative data for these states under-reports actual cumulative totals. This information can be found in our Aggregate Dataset. States vary in their reported cumulative data start date. Not all states and territories report long-term-care data.

The Nursing Home Tragedy

by MakeUsWell

The inquiry that led to this posting started with the question: where and why are Americans dying from the COVID-19 virus?  Frail older people with underlying health conditions have died in disproportionate numbers.

State health departments have been inconsistent or, in the case of New York State, incomplete in reporting COVID-19 nursing home deaths, but the compiled national reporting on nursing home deaths indicate that approximately 40% of all COVID-19 deaths have occurred in nursing homes or to nursing home residents in hospitals.