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Tributes to Dee Edington

Dee Edington was a mentor to several members of the MakeUsWell Network. His work inspired many more. Please feel free to add your own thoughts about Dee and his work as comments at the end of this post.

It is difficult to condense 4 decades of research and 2 books into a few paragraphs. Dee's book, Zero Trends, is a relatively quick read which explains decades of research on health risk factors.

In addition to making a profound impact on the health of individuals and corporations, Dee was an engaging, fun, funny and thoughtful individual who served as a wonderful mentor to many, including me.

    J. Brent Pawlecki, MD
    Chief Health Officer
    Wells Fargo

In my corporate benefits roles at large and jumbo employers, my teams and I were consistently honored with praise regarding innovation, breakthrough results and leadership. Dee Edington was a mentor and thought leader to myself and many in the industry.

His perspectives (often with humor only he could say), research, and publications were a North Star for us all. He is one of a very small group of individuals that I can honestly attribute success. My job was easy: listen, read, learn, then apply. My greatest honor regarding Dee was eventually calling him my friend. I will miss him greatly.

    Chris McSwain
    McSwain Group