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AI to MakeUsWell

by Michael Critelli, CEO MakeUsWell

Hi MakeUsWell Community,

When I started MakeUsWell, my specific initial goal was to help us and the U.S. heal and recover from the pandemic.

Today we are at an inflection point with the two letter acronym, A.I.

I wholeheartedly believe in the power of A.I. to make us well, and to accelerate American society’s overall goodness and greatness.

The only way to get there is through a pragmatic, non-partisan, and rational approach to A.I. We must concurrently consider A.I.’s human factors dispassionately. And with honesty and intellectual rigor.

With that focus in mind, we are introducing Raghavan Muthuregunathan, who is joining our MakeUsWell Network. 

Raghavan is a top-notch AI and software engineering craftsman. He has a clear vision and execution chops to apply A.I. in novel and useful ways.

With a Master's in Computer Science from Columbia University, Raghavan has built a solid foundation in machine learning, natural language processing, and algorithms for massive data. 

His career includes significant roles at LinkedIn and Microsoft Bing, where he focused on improving search relevance and user experience through advanced AI and machine learning techniques.

Raghavan is working with MakeUsWell’s Chairman, Abir on different AI strategies and projects for our Network. Iff you have an interest or want to be involved, please contact Abir.

The first one involves Jeff Pulver, a Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIP pioneer and early Twitter investor and another esteemed MakeUsWell member. Your MakeUsWell Network is in action and will have Raghavan join Jeff for a fireside chat at one of Jeff’s events in Silicon Valley, this spring.  

Stay tuned for an exciting horizontal AI product. And a way to curate AI news all from MakeUsWell.

Detailed Raghavan Bio

At LinkedIn, since 2016, he has progressed from a Staff Software Engineer to a Senior Engineering Manager in Artificial Intelligence.  

His accomplishments include launching machine learning models for search improvements, mentoring engineers, and introducing the premium AI experience 'LinkedIn Coach'. 

His leadership in managing a 17-member engineering team has significantly enhanced LinkedIn's search capabilities, earning him recognition for his contributions to the platform's flagship search and relevance features. 

At Microsoft Bing, Raghavan was instrumental in developing relevance rankers, social results algorithms, and mobile-specific enhancements, notably launching Twitter results for fresh news queries ahead of Google.

His top-notch knowledge extends beyond his professional roles.

And is demonstrated by his volunteer work and open source contributions. He is an active participant in the United Nations ITU Disaster Management Working Group and the Linux Foundation AI. 

Additionally, he has contributed to Apache Solr and reviewed for high-impact journals like IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems. 

His patent portfolio includes innovations in internet content retrieval, query expansion, and named entity querying, with several other patents filed in areas like Generative AI and intelligent search result prefetching.

Raghavan said, “Expanding Large Language Models (LLMs) to languages beyond English is essential for fairness and understanding. It breaks language barriers, giving people in various communities access to AI advancements in education, healthcare, and more. This promotes global participation and ensures everyone's voice is respected.”