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Five Characters in Search of an Exit

by Mike Critelli

Over the past several weeks, when sharing what I’ve learned about the expanding and compelling body of research on the harmful effects of social media, I encountered bewilderment, denial, and highly confident—but misguided—responses from many well-educated people. 

We are in the midst of multiple societal crises that manifest themselves in an explosive growth of mental illness, substance abuse, alienation from work, political and cultural division, and increased violence. But most of us are unable to step back and diagnose the potential root causes of these crises.

What Does “Follow the Science” Mean?

by Mike Critelli

From the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, many politicians and members of the media have used the phrase “follow the science.” In this context, the meaning of “the science” has been relatively consistent and understandable in some respects, but frustratingly inconsistent and confusing in others.

Unfortunately, lawmakers, public health authorities, as well as the media and some scientists have found it difficult to acknowledge that “following the science” means we must become comfortable with uncertainty on some key points:

How the CDC Failed Us

by MakeUsWell

First Principles

  1. ~90%+ of Americans don't trust government or public health officials with vaccination information, insights, and communications.
  2. Our local, state, and federal government (both parties) need to regain public trust. Good systems with accurate data and precise analytics are needed. Useful reports on vaccinations, risks, and side effects will drive this.

CDC's Acronym Pish Posh

CDC stands for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

VAERS is an acronym for Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.