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by Alison Acerra

Alison Acerra is a Registered dietitian nutritionist. Alison has decades of experience and combines nutrition and other fields creatively to help individuals and businesses.

MakeUsWell edited Alison's write-up for clarity and length.

In the Beginning

One day, I took the plunge and started my own business. I didn't know then how important a daily mindset practice was. This helped me to focus, stay motivated, and get back up everytime I felt knocked down!

I experimented with lots of things. Most recently it's been affirmations. I didn't believe they worked. But awesome stuff happened in my daily routine, when I included affirmations.

Dealing with Pandemic Loneliness

by Dale Atkins

Dale Atkins is a licensed psychologist with 40+ years in private practice. She focuses on families and wellness.

Dale has published seven books. And she speaks, lectures, and leads seminars. And has appeared on CNN and NBC.

MakeUsWell CEO, Mike Critelli said, "Dale started her career focused on children with hearing loss. She has deep knowledge on the role of hearing in brain development."

Isolation and loneliness are key issues in our post-pandemic world.

The COVID-19 crisis has actually distracted us from this issue. We may believe loneliness will go away when the pandemic ends.